Sciatica Chiropractor

Treating Sciatica by going to a chiropractor is the most common solution and widely accepted  method advised by friends, family and medical professional. Treatment of sciatica by chiropractors is one of their most popular services offered. Its the bread and butter of the industry. However if your like most people, a regular visit to the chiropractor is not cheap and rarely covered by medical insurance. If you have the money or insurance coverage to pay a chiropractor to treat you on a regular basis, by all means, get the best medical help you can. However, many of us don’t have the funds or health coverage to pay for regular treatments by a professional. A chiropractor will normally charge anywhere from $25 upwards of a couple hundred dollars per visit, and most chiropractors will recommend weekly visits until cured.

In my personal opinion, if a doctors “bread and butter”, main source of revenue, is treating a condition like sciatica, why would they fix you as quickly as possible? I am sure there are many ethical chiropractors who do it to help others, but I would guess that most chiropractors want to drag it out as long as possible. Keep in mind, this is purely speculation, but from my experience, I have yet to visit a chiro, or have a friend or family member visit a chiro, that promised to fix the problem quickly. The only ones really hurting in this situation is you… and your wallet.

So what does a chiropractor do to fix sciatica pain? What does the treatments consist of?

In most cases, a chiropractors standard treatment for sciatica is:

  1. Ice/Cold Therapy – which reduces inflammation and helps control the pain
  2. Ultrasound Therapy – which uses heat created by sound wave to increase circulation and reduce spasms, cramping, swelling and stiffness pain.
  3. TENS Therapy – Which uses electrical nerve stimulation to stimulate the muscles to reduce spasms and control pain.
  4. Spinal Adjustments – which restores misaligned vertebrae, and helps reduce nerve irritation, inflammation, muscle spasms and control pain

In all of the above mentioned treatments, none state “cure”. A chiropractors job is mearly to control pain and reduce inflammation by misaligned spines. I personally enjoy spinal adjustments, they feel great and in most cases are very relaxing. However your probably not going to a chiropractor at this point to relax and leisure. I see most chiropractor visits like a day spa for men. You go in, they do their thing for 30 minutes more or less and you get out feeling a little more relaxed. But… your in pain and you need something affordable, long lasting and if possible curable.